Welcome to Sofia’s Applied Artificial Intelligence Society

Sofia AI is a community of startups, corporates and academics in the AI sphere focusing on understanding the current state of these technologies, its value add for businesses, and what is in store for the near future. Our recurring gatherings provide talks and round tables to reveal trends, industry insights and practicable approaches of applying technologies around the analysis of text, audio, image, video, and structured data.


Our mission is to create a pool of local AI talent in Sofia and Bulgaria. Discover peers in the our city, Connect with other cities and share AI knowledge & expertise. In order to do this we organise recurring events quarterly.


Collaboration is the new innovation. Want to join our events or receive updates on AI developments happening locally? Join our community or find out what is happening in other chapters. Attend events in Sofia or elsewhere


We are here to share local & global news, know-hows and talents in the sphere of applied AI. Our goal is to create a [huge] pool of lessons learned and to ‘distribute the future evenly’ by allowing for better and faster application of AI globally.



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See the founder of Siri live at Sofia AI Summit – the event in which you can learn about the latest technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Second Sofia AI Summit event will take place on April 29, 2017 in Yalta Club from 18:30.

Sofia’s applied AI community brings together the peers around the best use of Machine Learning – Deep Learning – Cognitive – Augmented Intelligence – Natural Language Processing – Neural Networks – computer vision – and more.
Each gathering not only contains talks providing industry insights, trend analysis, and hands-on tips on how to apply machine learning techniques in your business, it will also have Peer-to-Peer sessions on natural language, audio, image + video analysis, and machine learning led by local industry experts.


Norman Winarsky

Norman works with entrepreneurs, startups, research institutes, and major companies to create breakthrough ventures or products, and advises them on the framework and practice for successful innovation.

Norman is past President of SRI Ventures at SRI International, a world-leading research institute founded by Stanford University in 1946. He has been a founder and leader of SRI’s venture strategy and process, which has resulted in more than sixty ventures worth over $20 billion. Norman helped create and build companies ranging from artificial intelligence, natural language, and computer vision, to medical devices, robotics, and nanotechnology.

He was a co-founder and board member of Siri, which was spun out from SRI in January 2008 and acquired by Apple in April 2010. Siri has become a worldwide phenomenon, establishing the breakthrough market category of virtual personal assistant.

He is currently a lecturer at Stanford University, and co-author of “If You Really Want to Change the World; A Guide to Creating, Building, and Sustaining Breakthrough Ventures”, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

Anish Mohammed

Anish is multi disciplinarian who in the past has worked as a medical doctor, bioinformatician, security expert and most recently as strategy consultant. Someone who is passionate about technology, especially big data, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, AI, cryptography and security. He is also an avid robotics enthusiast who is actively involved in Open Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle projects. His interests mostly focused on navigation algorithms for unmanned vehicles.

He has spent half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols. He has also worked as a strategy consultant. He is also an alumnus of Singularity University. He is also on the advisory board for Ripple Labs , Adjoint, Arteia, Chain of Things, IEET , Privacyshell and EAVentures. He also happens have significant interests in ethics of AI and one of the folks behind Obol and OpenEth.

Adrian Blackwood

Adrian Blackwood is passionately focused on: Ambient Intelligence, Spatial Design, Intelligent Environments, Speaking Engagements, Product Design, Spatial Relativity, Ami Architecture, Start-ups/Scale-ups, Ambient Content & Data Design.

Adrian has built a career working on ways to understand the world like never before possible. With Spatial Relativity and Ambient Intelligence, Adrian has led product development on over 200 smart & intelligent products, while building a growing patent portfolio, Adrian will cover the pitfalls of embedding decision support, predictions’ and prescription into the world around us.

Based in Amsterdam and San Fransisco, Adrian is responsible for leading Innovation and information value creation across the AMI brands, where he currently leads innovation for the AMI Ambient Intelligence Group, a company specialized at commercializing Ambient Intelligence Technology, helping to shape the future of the industry.

Adrian is amongst a small group globally progressing Articulated Spatial Relativity, a science of relationships between people, places and objects. It digitally encodes behaviour though profiled behaviour, preferences, actions, interactions, communication paths, & more.



Sunday, 30th of April tomorrow, will be a small, practical unconference.
We’ll be able to go in depth, with longer sessions that explore different AI applications and technical challenges. You’ll be able to bring your projects and questions to the experts and community, and leave having made progress. Save your seta, block your calendar and stay tuned.

We are starting at 11:00 AM at Enhancv’s office, ul. “Midzhur” 12, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Daniel Hulme
CEO @ Satalia

George Stoyanov

Salim Virani
Founder @ Source Institute


Sofia.AI has been co-founded by Evelin Velev, George Stoyanov and Pavlina Desheva with the support of Hacker.Works. Feel free to get in touch, suggest a speaker, or provide some feedback.

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